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Printed - definition printed free dictionary, 1. 2. [middle english prent, print, from old french priente, from feminine past participle of preindre, to press, alteration (on the model of the more common type of old french verb having an infinitive ending in -ndre, such as peindre, to paint) of priembre, from latin premere ; see per- in indo-european roots.].All digital litho printing products online | printed., offer great variety in digital and litho printing products. quality prints at trade prices with our print guarantee! express delivery available.Printed | meaning cambridge english dictionary, Printed definition: 1. information in the form of books, newspapers, and magazines: 2. printed information or copies…. learn more..Printed synonyms, printed antonyms | thesaurus., Synonyms for printed at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. find descriptive alternatives for printed..

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